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PPC, or cost per click, advertising is one of the best solutions for today's businesses.

If you need improved traffic to your website, our services can help you get direct results. In this process, your ads are placed in various locations online to attract the best level of attention possible from your potential customers.

You only pay for the clicks that people make, which means a high level of attention from customers interested in what you have to offer. It's highly effective, fast, and it provides you with the results you desire. Get quality traffic today.

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Our Pay Per Click Management

PPC Admadiko

We provide you with the best PPC analytics. Analytics does some amazing things for websites. It allows us to ensure every PPC ad placed for your campaign is designed to be highly effective. With the use of data, it is possible to capture more information about how your campaign is working so changes, if needed can occur.

It also allows us to track what's working, how effective it is, and how to better use your money. Our team will make sure we implement an effective PPC campaign because we base it off of data, real hard facts that can work to meet your business's and website's unique needs. PPC analytics solves questions and ensures your campaign gets off quickly.

Our PPC Package

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  • Free Account Set-Up
  • Keywords Analysis
  • Consultation and Campaign Strategy in all platforms
  • Effective keyword creation
  • Google Platform Set-Up
  • Custom site content and publishing
  • Bing Platform Set-Up
  • Remarketing Strategy
  • Monthly Keywords report
  • Bid Management
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Landing Page on Your Website
  • Free banner Ad Creation with no additional charge
  • Call Tracking & Recording

Helping Determine Your Target Audience

Knowing your audience will tell you if video will be the best kind of display ad to use, or if banner ads will be more effective. This can include targeting customers who are researching a product and visit the site, or it can more specifically focused on those who are closer to your home base. Your goal-audience is who we will help you reach. Understanding who this audience is can be helpful in using ad extensions to convert visitors to a site into a customer.


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Often, the key to attract local customers is to offer coupons and sales that are only found online. PPC can help you turn local shoppers into local buyers, while using PPC to determine the conversion rate.


It is essential to build a brand and awareness on the internet. It can be valuable to alternate between big, eye catching displays, then use PPC to attract people into making a purchase.


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It does little good to attract shoppers to a web site if they do not make a purchase or come to your store to make a purchase. We will optimize visits into sales.


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Today, a larger percentage of web sales are conducted on mobile devices. It is our job to optimize content to attract those who conduct searches using their mobile devices.


Ad Extensions

Ads extensions improve your campaign’s performance. We will help create ads with ads extensions to optimize PPC and have more customers click through to your website.


Search ads

PPC and search advertising go hand in hand. We will help find the right key words and key word combinations so that search results give you opportunities to convert web searches into sales.

We will also help you determine the correct keyword and combination of words to attract the attention of the customer you are seeking. Perhaps you have a higher end movie theater. You might want to have your keyword focus to be “theater” or “cinema” to attract a clientele that has more money to spend. The word “movie” would attract younger clients who might have less disposable income. Keywords often have a big impact on the age, income, and other social factors that determine who is searching for a product or service.

Benefits Of Our Services

Excel with the help of Admadiko's PPC services. PPC advertising is one of the most effective types of marketing for your business. With it, your online goal of having more visitors to your site and more sales from those visitors is easier to accomplish. When you use Admadiko, you'll get exceptional service and much, much more. PPC isn't easy to do on your own - it requires a great deal of experience to be effective. When done right, though, it can help you achieve your goals.

Why Use Us?

It's the best choice for your PPC advertising needs. We provide you with a flat price for your PPC advertising service. This ensures you are getting the most for your investment. We also provide you with an option between choosing a percentage rate fee and a flat fee.

By giving you this option, you can choose the best service for your customers and still remain within your budget. Every business needs an effective marketing campaign that includes PPC advertising. We ensure you get exceptional service and effective pricing to match it.

You will choose the number of platform you want your ads to appear and make more impressions. We have a variety of platform that we believe will match your choice and cover your business. Google, Bing, Yahoo and others social media site can be your platform of advertising depending on your choice.